Emotion Poetry & Prose

By Carrie-ann Sudlow

What is normal anyway?


I spend many days contemplating all kinds of things,
My own inner thoughts, life with all that it brings.

Do I think freely? Am I controlled?
By all that has made me,
what I’ve been taught,
what I’ve been told.

From all the days I spend wondering I
reach no conclusions,
I guess that’s just life, full of confusions.

The key is to divert from all that is grim,
to take life as it comes,
to take knocks on the chin.

When you feel isolated in all that you think,
take comfort from knowing so does the shrink.

For it’s a fact of life we all are unique,
we started as a mould but we found
courage to speak.

Let no-one judge your thoughts or yourself feel insane.
Our minds are beautiful they should not feel restrain.

The world would be dull if we all were the same.
Strive to be different,
make it your aim!

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